The Black Country Party is a Party that will represent the people of the area . We will work with the people of the area to help them with issues they may have and also get involved with Projects that will improve the lives of the people & the area

We’re not a political party as such, more of a community group of independent councillors who want to work together to bring change to their areas.

What has been lacking in this area for far too long is a party which represents the people.

“I know all the councillors in Dudley well, and they do work hard and they are trying, but they always get stuck because they are governed by their party.This sometimes makes them look preoccupied with national politics - but this is wrong, and not how it should work on a local level.

"People in the Black Country care about local issues and want to see councillors doing something about them, rather than them‚ squabbling over what the prime minister is doing"

People think that politicans are only in it for themslves and live in a different world. We aren't in for ourselves, we are in it because we care & we want to make a difference for the people of the Black Country. We don't come from another part of the area, we come from the Black Country & we are straightforward, honest, hardworking, use commonsense and we want to make a difference.

Come & join us & together we will make a difference.